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Pure Water

Water is an excellent solvent and is therefore, never found in its purest form in nature. It has a tendency to combine with many materials, and is treated with many chemicals. However, pure water is a simple compound, composed of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

Did you know...

...your tap water is not pure water ?

...bottled spring water is not pure water ?

...well water is not pure water ?

Why trust bottled water and filtered water when distilled water is 100% guaranteed by mother nature? Protect your baby's health by giving your child the advantage of pure water made by mother nature, the preferred water for your baby's formula. Pure H2O water is the fluid mother nature intended for us to use.

Steam Distillation is the only method of obtaining distilled Water! Steam distillation of water involves boiling water to the point of evaporation and then condensing it by cooling the vapors to a liquid state.

Properties of Distilled Water

  • Water in its purest form
  • No chemical added to water
  • Lower cost than bottled water
  • Use any water source
  • No pollutants
  • No microorganisms
  • No dissolved minerals

Uses for Distilled Water

  • Aquariums: Distilled water is clean and uncloudy where fish are happier in a chlorine-free tank.
  • Baby formulas: Boiling tap water kills bacteria, but it doesn't remove harmful contaminants.
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, and your favorite water based beverages are much tastier when you use distilled water. Ice cubes made with distilled water won't spoil the taste of beverages.
  • Complexion Care: Feel the difference with distilled water ... tap water impurities can clog skin pores.
  • Contact Lenses: Use distilled water to clean your contact lenses. It won't irritate your eyes.
  • Cooking: Chlorine-free soups and vegetables - taste the improvement - pots and pans are easier to clean.
  • Humidifiers: Eliminates white dust, mineral salt, and rust concerns. Add more life and efficiency.
  • Kettles: Inside and outside of kettles will stay looking new.
  • Low sodium: 99.9% of sodium is removed in the distillation process.
  • Pets: They'll love you for giving them clean water.
  • Photography: Perfect development.
  • Plant: Plants and cut flowers live longer and look healthier because, just like nature's rainwater, distilled water is free of mineral salts.
  • Steam Irons: Eliminate scaling of steam iron vents. Irons will operate more efficiently and last longer.
  • Wet-Cell Batteries: Car batteries last long with Distilled Water.

Distillation is the only method of producing drinking water perfected by Mother Nature over millions of years. Our Running Waters distiller uses the same process of evaporation and condensation found within nature. We just use modern technology to speed up the process.

Distilling water is the only way to ensure the quality of your drinking water- 100% of the time. Steam Distillation destroys biological contaminants - including anthrax, cholera, and salmonella. Protect your health and your baby's health by using the fluid mother nature intended for us to use - pure, H2O water.

"Well what if I am drinking distilled bottled water?"

If it was stored in a plastic bottle, chemicals from the plastic may have leached into the water. Recent research has shown that plastic can release artificial estrogen into our food and water. Increased estrogen concentration in the body may increase the risk of breast cancer and cause early puberty in children. When bottled water is stored in a hot environment, for example a hot warehouse, the amount of artificial estrogen released is even greater.

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